5% for you, 1% for your community

Until 20 March, Co-op Members get 5% back when they buy a Funeral Plan or arrange a funeral

As a Co-op Member you get 5% back for you and another 1% for your community when you arrange and pay for a funeral or buy a funeral plan with us. You can spend this next time you shop with us or save it to spend whenever you want. 

New member benefits coming soon

From 20 March, members will benefit from an upfront saving of at least 5% when arranging a funeral or funeral plan with us instead of getting 5% back in their membership account to spend at Co-op.

We’ll also continue to give 1% of what you spend to a local cause in your community.

5% for you, 1% for your community5% for you,1% for your community

Every time you choose selected Co-op branded products and services from everyday things like buying a loaf, to bigger things like making a Will or planning a funeral - both you and your community will benefit.

How it works

5% for you

We’ll put 5% of what you spend into your Co-op Membership account.

You can spend this next time you buy from us or save it to spend whenever you want.

1% for your community

We’ll also give another 1% to your community.

You can choose where this goes to from a number of local causes. 

Get involved

Have your say in how we work.


 Member benefits

What does this mean at Funeralcare?

If you're unsure of what this means for you, contact a member of our team on:

0800 088 4883 or take a look at our Membership Terms and Conditions.

What do I earn my 5% and 1% on?

Share of the profits

You’ll still earn a share of our profits and share in our success, just like you always have.

When there’s a profit left over after we’ve reinvested in our business, you may be eligible for a dividend.

Please note

Exclusions and restrictions apply. See membership t&cs at coop.co.uk/terms/membership-terms-and-conditions. Offer not available in independent societies including Midcounties, Central England, Southern or Chelmsford Star co-operatives.