How much does a Funeral Plan cost?

We provide a wide range of Funeral Plans for both burial and cremation, all planned and carried out by us. Whatever your budget, however you want to say goodbye, we’ve got a plan to suit.

In 2016, the total average cost of a funeral was £3,882 including our fees plus third party fees (essential services delivered by others that we will manage on your behalf)

The average cost of a funeral last year (2016) was £2,827 (excluding third party costs), but the final cost could be more or less depending on the choices you make and where in the UK the funeral is to be conducted. Our lowest price funeral is our Simple Funeral which costs £1,995 (excluding third party costs).

How much does a Funeral Plan cost?

Set Funeral Plans

Our Set Plans ensure everything is taken care of and your relatives will have nothing to pay for the services included in your chosen Plan when the time comes. If you like the idea of all the essential services being arranged and paid for, then a Set Plan may be the best option for you.

Set Plan prices start at £2,870.


Tailor-made Funeral Plans

A Tailor-made Plan lets you arrange a funeral exactly how you imagine it, down to the procession route and even alternative burial sites. From very simple to very elaborate, a tailored Plan can be a full expression of your personality, helping you say a unique goodbye.

With a Tailor-made Plan, the products and services you choose will be at today’s prices - helping you beat the rising cost of funerals


Memorial Masonry Plans

A memorial can be an important place of connection and reflection for loved ones. A Plan lets you create your own unique design in a choice of stone for burial and cremation memorial.

Plan prices vary depending on your choice of stone. Speak to your local Funeral Director for more information on how a Memorial Masonry Plan would work for you.